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The Best High Yield MCAT Review

Read this book to be 100% certain you covered everything you need to know for the MCAT

"You Don't need to read through Multiple Different Textbooks To Crush The MCAT ;)"

The MCAT Powerbook is a high yield review of all the content you need to know for the MCAT. 

Topics are broken down into easy to understand points accompanied by beautiful illustrations to aid in comprehension.

If you know all the content in this book you can sleep easy knowing you will be able to answer any content question on the MCAT. 

The Powerbook is also great to have as you work your way through your premed pre-requisite classes so you know what is high yield for the MCAT

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Here's Who This Works For

This Works If You're A Premed Student At Any of the Following Stages:
  • Beginner Premeds
  • MCAT prep starters
  • Already Started Prep
  • MCAT Retakers
  • MCAT Tutors
  • Science Majors
  • Premed Crushers
  • Other MCAT Course Taker
  • MCAT Self Studiers
  • Want Thorough Review
  • High Yield Content
  • MCAT Strategy Tips

So If You're Struggling With Knowing What and How To Study For the MCAT and Want To Score 510+ with Less Stress ...

This Book Is For You!

Here's A Few Secrets You'll Discover In The Book

Here's A Sneak Peek of What's Inside:

Section 1: Chem/Phys Secrets

  • Secret #1: How to easily memorize all the Chem/Phys formulas.
  • Secret #2: Understand Motion and MCAT Kinematics.
  • Secret #3: Units, Units, Units!
  • Secret #4: Mcat Fluids made easy.  
  • Secret #5: How to use the Right Hand Rule to simply electrostatics. 
  • Secret #6: How to break down Circuit problems. 
  • Secret #7: Learn the best mnemonics. (OIL RIG!) 
  • Secret #8: Understand the classification of electromagnetic spectrum.
  • Secret #9: How to deal with combination lens problems.  
  • Secret #10: How to carefully count out how many half-lives have passed in order to pick up some easy points on Test Day. 

Section 2: Bio/Biochem Secrets

  • Secret #11: How to master the amino acids (the MCAT'S favorite topic).
  • Secret #12: Understand body systems: Lymphatic, Immune, Digestive, Muscle, etc.
  • Secret #13: Consequences of protein misfolding made easy (e.g. Parkinson’s).
  • Secret #14: Learn the various separation techniques: Isoelectric point, Isoelectric focusing, and more.
  • Secret #15: Acid/Base Catalysis & Enzyme Functionality
  • Secret #16: Understand effects of pH changes.  
  • Secret #17: How to express enzyme behavior quantitatively using Michaelis-Menten equation 
  • Secret #18: TPC Mnemonic: PURines are pure As Gold – adenine, guanine; CUT the py(rimidines) – cytosine, thymidine
  • Secret #19: DNA replication simplified.
  • Secret #20: Know the different types of mutations down cold: Point, Frameshift, Nonsense, Insertion, Deletion.

Section 3: CARS Strategy Secrets

  • Secret #21: How to outline passage. Pay attention to transition words! 
  • Secret #22: Increase reading comprehension and speed.
  • Secret #23: Understand how to identify evidence in text, an implication refers to expressing something indirectly and is not the same as an inference or concluding something from facts or evidence.
  • Secret #24: How to determine author central claims.  
  • Secret #25: Extrapolating additional info from the text. 
  • Secret #26: Improve your critical reading skills.
  • Secret #27: How to best structure your timing through passages. 
  • Secret #28: Learn effective usage of highlighter and underline feature.
  • Secret #29: How to narrow down and eliminate the most incorrect choices.
  • Secret #30: How to find the right answer (the evidence is always there!)  

Section 4: Psych/Soc Secrets

  • Secret #21: The secret to quickly interpreting a psych/soc graph.
  • Secret #22: Understand attention: Two types of cues can direct our attention: exogenous and endogenous.
  • Secret #23: Gestalt Principles made easy.
  • Secret #24: How to differentiate between Type I and Type II errors. 
  • Secret #25: Know the proposed theories of intelligence.
  • Secret #26: Gain a greater understanding of language and the brain.
  • Secret #27: Understand the stages of sleep.
  • Secret #28: How to breakdown Erikson's developmental stages. 
  • Secret #29: Achieve a greater understanding of all relevant sociological theories.
  • Secret #30: Know your terms, definitions/concepts down packed.  

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